Portfolio Page

What I’m Working On: Week Ending 9/29/17

  • Logistics / Transportation Management Best Practices
  • Social Media Stream for Specialty Foods
  • Custom Jewelry Creation
  • Supplementing Income in the Gig Economy
  • Traditional Mexican Holiday Dishes
  • Geo-Targeted Pest Control and Remediation
  • Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Listings

….and much more!

I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects over my career, and each one was given the same level of care and attention I painstakingly infuse into each project I take.

While larger writing businesses may make you feel “lost in the crowd”, I understand that a business is a very personal thing – wanting the best product for your money is only natural. I pride myself on working with each client individually: learning their needs, desires and motivations. This enables me to produce the best text for their site, written with a personalized tone that reflects the greater goals behind a dot com presence.

My roster of clients is continually expanding, and I’d love to add your name to the list! To discuss the needs of your business and get a free personalized quote, click here




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