Learn How to Write for Money Online

ThatWordChick.com is my business site, and as such I endeavor to keep non-business-related posts elsewhere. I debated putting my Freelance Writer Guide on this site, but I was concerned that such a large chunk of information would cloud this site’s purpose – to connect with freelance writing clients and keep my portfolio visible.

I’ve now posted the entirety of my freelance writing eBook at Freelance Writer Guide for free, as I hope it will help more fledgling freelancers get into the business. I will also be posting reviews of freelance writing sites on that page, including updates on my Textbroker reviews and Freelancer reviews. Upcoming subjects also include:

  • MediaPiston Reviews
  • CloudCrowd Reviews
  • Odesk Reviews
  • Constant Content Reviews

So stay tuned, and be sure to keep the site in your reader or bookmarks. Thanks for stopping by!

-Delany M.




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