Writer Gear Review: Chad’s Carolina Corn

Chads Carolina Corn Homepage Snapshot


When you spend hours in front of a computer every day, especially while working from home, breaking up the monotony with delicious snacks becomes that much more important. When procrastination threatens to send me rooting around in the fridge, I tend to buckle down and invest in some tasty snacks to keep my butt in my chair and my brain focused on the task at hand.

A recent transplant to NC from NJ, I’ve come to enjoy the plethora of Farmer’s Markets my new southern living affords me. It was at one of these markets that I ran into the affable and eponymous Chad, who so kindly insisted I sample some of his popcorn. There were a lot of flavors in his booth, but my inherent need to smack around my palate now and again drew me to the dill pickle version. I got a little dixie cup and munched on my sample on the way back to the car. Halfway home, I regretted not springing for a bag.

Dill Pickle Popcorn from Chad’s Carolina Corn is the best thing to happen to popcorn since caramel, and that’s saying something. The light, crispy crunch of well-prepared popcorn meets the salty, tangy kiss of a really good deli pickle, with none of the “pickle juice” cleanup to contend with. You know how really great popcorn starts out piece by piece and ends with cramming handfuls into your mouth like someone’s going to take it away from you? Chad’s Dill Pickle is like that, only you’re further moved to growl, doglike, at anyone that comes too close to the bag.

I killed damn near half the foot-and-a-half high bag on the way home from the market, and my partner and I made quick work of the other half while I was typing out some articles. With our propensity for food experimentation, I would love to pair this up with something else in the near future – maybe a dill-pickle-popcorn covered apple, or chocolate covered dill pickle popcorn for when I crave a bunch of different tastes at once.

Bags start at an astoundingly affordable $5, so pick up your bag (and your newest addiction) asap.


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