Hi there!

My name is Delany Martinez. I’m a copywriter that has been proudly serving hundreds of clients for the last decade, and I’d love to add you to that number. I create product descriptions, landing pages, articles, blog posts and more that emphasize your brand’s best traits and keep customers and clients coming back for more.



I have always loved writing – angst-ridden books of High School poetry will attest to that fact – as well as advertising. While my peers were taping up Tiger Beat posters of singers and actors, I fell asleep each night under a Saatchi + Saatchi poster that I’d torn out of an AdAge magazine.

I am available for hire to write descriptive copy for products of any sort, assisting on ad campaigns, and any other sundry bits of creative wordsmithing you may need. Let my writing help persuasively fill the gaps in your website or paper advertising. If you have an idea or a central concept, I can craft my work to fit it, enabling you to enjoy a finished product that is truly customized. My rates are fair, my time line is reasonable, and I am more than happy to complete a small rights-retained sample of work for you to consider as part of your decision-making process.

Please feel free to look over my portfolio, found to the right, as well as the enthusiastic accolades I’ve received from my happy clients. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


One thought on “About

  1. Darius Powell says:

    Hey Delany,
    I’m a member of the Newbies Freelancers group on LinkedIn and want to reinvigorate my freelance career. I liked some of your comments and wanted to check out your website. What can I do to kickstart the sharing of my ideas?

    Darius Powell

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